Starting a Business Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

We make it easy by assessing where you need help and helping you. Get a customized road map with the steps needed to launch your business today. 

What does it take to launch a business?

The old way of thinking told all of us to go to business or marketing school, get a job, work for 20 years to ‘prove’ yourself, then get your one shot to pitch a new division to the Big Boss and then prove it again and again to keep your idea alive.

Today, business doesn’t work like that. We believe the best ideas should rise to the top, and like during the dawn of modern society, those who have the courage to dream big and to set forth on an adventure should have the support and resources to move ahead.

When you take our assessment, we provide you with a customized roadmap that outlines the steps you need to take to successfully launch your business. We keep it simple and straightforward. You have enough to deal with. Let us take the guesswork out of it so you can focus on taking the steps that actually move the needle forward.

Planapy: Your Business Support System

Planapy is our way of making the big leaps and the step-by-step work to grow your vision from an idea to a thriving organization a reality.

We’ve brought together all the right resources in one place – and made it scalable – so you can get everything you need from legal support for contracts and IP to your website, marketing, and even business finance – all in one place.

What do we do?

We’re like personal trainers for startups- we give you a plan to get your business in shape, and help you stick to it.

Track your progress and manage your account.

Take the quiz and get started now!

Scalable Business Solutions

How much do you do and how much does our team tackle? You decide! That’s the power of the Planapy program.

Start with a quick assessment and we’ll help you with the first steps of organizing your plan of action right away.